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I invite you to join me along with some of our nation’s leading pro-life leaders from Live Action, Students for Life, Life Training Institute and others in a can’t-miss opportunity I hope you will be a part of this July 23-24.

We are in a pivotal moment in our nation’s history in the battle to end abortion. We are witnessing unprecedented action by states on both ends of the issue. I still remember the day when New York legislators passed their bill to legalize abortion-on-demand up until birth. There was applause at its passage and their governor ordered the One World Trade Center to be lit pink to celebrate. Disgusting.

New York has become a blueprint for other pro-abortion states. Look at Illinois. Partial-birth abortion. Taxpayer dollars funding abortions. Abortion at any stage in pregnancy. These are the pro-abortion extremes that await citizens of Illinois as 62% of their state legislature passed these extreme measures and their Governor is about to sign them into law. This new law repeals a 1975 state law that now eliminates spousal consent, waiting periods, criminal penalties for abortion providers and safety restrictions on abortion facilities. It’s insane.

Laws matter. It’s a big part of the ongoing war against the greatest human rights abuse our nation faces. And right now, the battleground is at the state level.

  • Alabama making abortion illegal (being challenged in court).
  • Six states have passed heartbeat bills: Ohio, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Kentucky and Louisiana.
  • States like Texas defunding the largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood.
  • Thirteen states have proposed extreme abortion bills, including New Mexico, Rhode Island and Nevada.
  • Vermont just put abortion into its state Constitution along with New York and Illinois removing abortion limits.

What about Pennsylvania? Our state’s Abortion Control Act provides some positive pro-life protections but it needs improvements – for instance, we still permit late-term abortions up to 24 weeks in pregnancy. And what should concern every Pennsylvania pro-lifer is the direction we’re seeing with our state elected officials.

For example, the Down Syndrome Protection Act passed in the Pa House last session by a 71% bipartisan majority. This session, the House passed it again but with only a 61% majority. This is a bill, House Bill 321, that just says an abortion can’t happen solely based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome. And 76 state representatives took the extreme position of NO on this legislation, including some who even switched their vote to oppose it this time.

There are twenty-seven (27) state elected officials new to office this year that were endorsed by Planned Parenthood. That’s after Planned Parenthood spent a record $2.5 million in the 2018 mid-term election in Pennsylvania, their highest political investment in any state during the midterms.

And then there’s Governor Tom Wolf, a former Planned Parenthood abortion clinic escort, who would sign New York’s or Illinois’ extreme abortion law in a heartbeat.

The reality is that there are powerful forces working to turn Pennsylvania's political landscape in the wrong direction and if we don't do something about it, we could become the next Illinois or New York. We can’t let that happen.

So how can we make sure Pennsylvania does not become the next New York or Illinois?

This question is exactly why we urge you to attend our inaugural Life Action Conference. This is your opportunity to be a part of an effective and aggressive pro-life strategy here in Pennsylvania towards seeing life cherished and protected. You’ll hear from some expert pro-life speakers like Scott Klusendorf (Life Training Institute), Kristan Hawkins (Students for Life of America) and Alison Centofante (Live Action).

This is going to be Pennsylvania’s can’t-miss training event that will launch significant pro-life projects we will need you to help make possible. Here are the details:

Life Action Conference - July 23-24, 2019
A loving approach to saving lives in Pennsylvania
Sponsored by Pennsylvania Family Council

Kickoff Evening Event - Tuesday, July 23
7:00pm - 9:00pm

All-Day Conference - Wednesday, July 24
8:45am – 4:30pm

Location: Lancaster Bible College

The cost to attend Wednesday's all-day conference is $25 and covers lunch along with all sessions and material. A student rate is available for $10. And it is free to attend just the Tuesday evening kickoff event.

To register, click here or visit

How we as Pennsylvanians respond to this unprecedented wave of state action is critical to future lives being saved. Laws matter. Elections matter. We must strategize and redouble our efforts. I hope you will join me in this.


Michael Geer
President & CEO
Pennsylvania Family Council

P.S. Our all-day conference is Wednesday, July 24, but join us on the evening kickoff event Tuesday, July 23rd with Scott Klusendorf for a preview of the training you’ll enjoy on Wednesday. This Tuesday evening event is free to attend. Click here to register for either the Tuesday kick-off event, Wednesday's all-day conference - or both! For more details:

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